Avryl Haddon – My Passion for Cuisine

I have been very passionate about preparing food and have always enjoyed experimenting with different cuisines.

I have done many international courses, with varying ingredients, in several locations, namely three of which have been in Italy, one in Tuscany, one in Umbria and one in Sicily. I have also completed a Gourmet course in Provence, and one in Phuket, Thailand.

Through the years, I have given numerous cooking courses and have always been interested in experimenting with different ingredients, combinations and flavours.

I am happy to do Business Lunches, Private Functions etc.Added services include:

A Painting / Cooking holiday to Provence (France) or Italy, where a venue can be rented and the group can indulge in the Painting and Culinary arts of these great locations. Groups of 8 can be accomodated.

Cooking evenings at Avryl’s home, for groups of 8 people. Bring your friends along for an evening exploring the culinary arts.

Offering to deliver to your home – Simply delicious Home cooked Meals – daily or weekly