The Magic of Art

Avryl HaddonBorn in South Africa, and brought up in the magnificent surroundings of the Cape – from dramatic seascape, landscapes to wine farms peppered with Cape Dutch style gables nestled amongst ragged mountain ranges – proffered a huge impression on my artistic tendencies as a young child.

I have travelled extensively, absorbing and admiring the cultural pleasures of the world at our feet, the time warps found in far away lands: the cobble streets of Italy; the bicycle paths of the French countryside; and the endless exquisite flora and fauna that offers such simple pleasures!

My travels have brought with them numerous Art and Culinary courses and skills which I now apply to my work.

However, the cut and thrust of the financial world left little time other than to try capture on camera the sheer beauty of aged form and substance that has survived the onslaught of human endeavour.
Happily, I have now unleashed my suppressed desire for creativity – which was always carried out on a smaller scale… a creativity fuelled by the exposure to the Provencal, Tuscan and Moroccan lifestyle and surroundings.

My early paintings depict the very essence of that way of life, the history and the culture, mainly in the buildings. My styles show a tendency to simplicity and powerful images. Whilst enjoying and encapsulating these surrounding, both past and present, I try to bring home the elegance and timeless beauty of European scenes.

Painting out an architectural lifestyle that was once so normal, and now so quaint and colourful, reflecting years and years of survival, sustaining the colour pigmentation and design that to this very day, remains pleasing to the eye.

Avryl Haddon

I now use my camera as a sketchbook and simply record images that ‘ask to be painted’. This could be anything, from a corner of a room to a cobbled courtyard, although townscapes, flowers and country views have predominated recently. I find Acrylics are best suited to the way I work because they are very direct and allow me to work quickly and decisively.

First and foremost I paint for my own fulfilment but I also hope that my work will make others aware of the visual feast which is all around us; if one of my pictures `speaks` to just one other person, I feel it has achieved its aim.

Commission Work

I am happy to accept commission work. If you wish me to work from your own photographs, I will need several views of the subject. You must also own the copyright on these photos. (I will not work from pictures published in books etc. because of the copyright issue) You will be kept informed of the progress as work progresses; I will send scans of the painting to be sure this matches your requirements.

I ask for a 30% deposit in advance for commission work. Apart from this, prices will be similar to those in my gallery and all other pricing details are the same as for a normal sale. The painting will be despatched as soon as the final payment is received.

All details will be confirmed in advance by e-mail, including the required delivery date.